the Homeland of Karatedo

Grant Campbell, Shihan became the highest ranked foreign martial artists and the only foreigner to be ranked in the top rankings of the Masters division at most prestigious martial arts event in the world.  He has consistently established his place in martial arts history over his career, making him one of the most qualified teachers in the nation.

     In the martial arts, the selection of a teacher is the single most important aspect of your training. Just being a black belt doesn't make a person a teacher. Not all schools are equal! In the USA, there are very few truly qualified teachers of the martial arts, and standards vary great. Many unqualified "schools" have been started by many people. Here we will describe our Program Director and his program. 

About our Sensei:

Shihan Grant Campbell serves as the driving force behind our award winning programs.  As an 8th degree Black Belt Master Teacher, Grant Campbell's dedication to the martial arts is an inspiration to all. One of the few American martial artists to be fully trained in Japan according to the most demanding and rigorous standards of the international governing body, he has studied under the best teachers in Asia. As a professional coach and teacher, he has taught thousands of students the art of Karate. Because of his background and outstanding qualifications (Campbell earned his Masters Degree in Japan as " a teachers' teacher" or SHIHAN), he brings a unique qualification to the South Florida area that no other teacher or school can offer. Here are some of his accomplishments:

  • World Karate Champion (1991)

  • 9 time USA National Karate Champion

  • International Karate Hall of Fame Inductee

  • 8th Degree Black Belt Master Teacher with over 40 years experience

  • Youngest American to be awarded Master
    level in Karate in Japan

  • University graduate & current post
    graduate student

  • Internationally renown top competitor
    for over 15 years

  • Kyoshi - Koryu Bujutsu

  • Practitioner of Taikyoku-ken

Shihan Campbell has been featured on national television and in publications around the world!!